ISYS 316 - Advanced Java Programming


General Information:

Syllabus - Detailed course requirements

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Grades (by the last 5 digits of your assigned student number) for 9:00 class and Internet sections. If you don't know the last 5 digits of your assigned student number, e-mail me and I will send it to you.

Answers to review questions - A Word document containing answers to all the review questions


Topics to be Covered:

Lesson 29 - Introduction to graphical programming and the java.awt package

Lesson 30 - The Component class

Lesson 31 - Containers and simple layout managers

Lesson 32 - The Color and Font classes

Lesson 33 - Drawing geometric shapes

Lesson 34 - Button, Label, TextField, and TextArea controls

Lesson 35 - Choice, List, and Checkbox controls

Lesson 36 - Using the Scrollbar graphical control

Lesson 37 - Menus and submenus

Lesson 38 - The WindowListener interface and the WindowAdapter class

Sample 05 - A graphical, event-driven, windows program to capture and display order data

Lesson 39 - An introduction to applets and the Applet class

Lesson 40 - Essential HTML to launch an applet and pass it parameters

Lesson 41 - Mouse event processing

Lesson 42 - Keyboard event processing

Lesson 43 - Using CardLayout

Lesson 44 - An introduction to GridBagLayout

Lesson 45 - An introduction to the Java Collections API (List, Set, and SortedSet)

Lesson 46 - Using Map and SortedMap collections

Sample 06 - An applet for graphically displaying the result of compounding an investment

Lesson 47 - Exception handling with try, catch, and finally blocks

Lesson 48 - Claiming and throwing exceptions

Lesson 49 - Multithreading, the Thread class, and the Runnable interface

Lesson 50 - Synchronization and locking

Sample 07 - An applet that runs a multi-threaded shipping and receiving simulation

Lesson 51 - An introduction to I/O and the File and FileDialog classes

Lesson 52 - Low-level and high-level stream classes

Lesson 53 - Using the RandomAccessFile class

Lesson 54 - An introduction to client / server programming

Sample 08 - A client/server shipping application with disk I/O on the server side