What is Java?


Java history


Benefits of Java


How Java works

Java source statements


Java compiler






Java Virtual Machine



Disadvantages of Java


Benefits of Java far out-weigh its disadvantages


Java programmers




"A 2001 survey found that U.S. Java developers earn an average of $83,000 per year, making them some of the highest-paid specialists in IT."

- ComputerWorld (May 20, 2002)

"There are hundreds of Java certification options. Recruiters say Sun's offerings carry the most weight, but any certification may help. Only about 25% of Java developers are certified."

- ComputerWorld (May 20, 2002)


What does it take to become a certified Java programmer?


Review questions

  1. Which of the following are true?  (choose two)

  1. All Java programs are object-oriented.

  2. A Java program will execute faster than an equivalent program written in C++.

  3. The bytecode for a particular Java program will be the same for different platforms.

  4. Java can only be used to create Internet applications (applets).

  5. Java was developed by Microsoft.

  1. The Java compiler  (choose two)

  1. reads bytecode

  2. writes bytecode

  3. is the same regardless of the target platform

  4. is also known as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

  5. translates Java source statements into the machine language of the target platform

  1. The Java Virtual Machine

  1. is a hardware device

  2. is the same on all platforms

  3. reads Java source statements

  4. is not required to execute a Java program

  5. none of the above

  1. Which of the following would be the least likely applications to be developed in Java?  (choose two)

  1. A game for a hand-held, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

  2. A program to display a map for an on-board car computer

  3. A Windows program for updating a small disk file

  4. A banking application to record up to 500 transactions every second

  5. A program to reformat the hard drive of a personal computer