Project 06



In a single source file named, define an Employee class to encapsulate employee data and an App class defining an applet to maintain a collection of Employee objects.


Employee Class

Define a small, non-public class named Employee that encapsulates private instance variables for name (String) and pay rate (double). The class needs a single constructor to instantiate an Employee object with values received for both instance variables. It also needs minimal set() and get() methods (such as setName(), getPayRate(), etc.) that allow a class client to store and retrieve the value of each instance variable. Do not be concerned with editing the data within this class. It is used only to support the testing of your applet.

Code this class inside your source file but after the definition of the App class. Be sure to omit the specification of public in the class header (because Java only allows one public class per source file).


App class

This public class will define the processing of your applet. Its required features are as follows:

Input Components:

Output components:

Processing notes:


Grading criteria

Your program will be worth 30 points to be awarded as follows:



Send your source file as an e-mail document or attachment no later than midnight on the program due date. If you are using JBuilder 4 and the Test project previously copied from the College of Business network, this file will be in the src folder of the project. In the College of Business labs, the complete path of your source file is:


To verify that you are doing this properly, send a copy to yourself, copy the source code to your test project, and re-test the program. If it works for you, it will probably work for me.

Upon receipt of your e-mail, I will send either a verification message or your project score and comments (based on the above criteria). Project scores will be posted on the Internet within a few days after the due date.